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4 Types of Car Dents

When it comes to inspecting your vehicle for dents, there are a few different types to look for.

Different factors can cause dents of various shapes, sizes, and severity to appear on your car.

Any type of car dent is frustrating and inconvenient.

But knowing how to identify the different types of car dents can help you understand your dent repair service and possibly even help you prevent your car from being dented in the future.

1. Creased dents

Creased dents can be caused by an object being dragged across a car, like a tree branch, grocery cart, or anything that may form a longer dent. How deep the crease is and where it's located on the car will determine how difficult it will be to remove.

2. Round dents

Round dents are some of the most common dents that you’ll find on a vehicle. Usually caused by a large, round object hitting the car (like a basketball) or by hail during a hailstorm, we're typically able to repair this type of dent with paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques.

3. Extreme dents

Extreme dents are caused by large, impactful objects hitting a vehicle with force. They can be caused by another car, a large animal, or even a person. These dents are typically irregular in shape.

4. Sharp dents

Sharp dents are caused by sharp objects that cause a smaller, acute mark on a vehicle. They can be caused by a car door opening into the vehicle or rocks or sticks striking the metal.

Don't DIY—get your dents removed by the pros

Knowledge is power when it comes to finding, identifying, and requesting repairs for the dents that appear on your car.

The Dent Pros have the experience and skills to assess and repair all four of these types of dents using paintless dent repair (PDR).

Give us a call or text at 864-420-4027 to discuss your vehicle’s damage and your action plan.


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