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How to Prepare for Hail Season

In the Upstate and throughout the Southeast, hail season begins in March. This is a busy season for dent repair professionals because most small car dents are caused by hail storms.

Hail storms are more frequent in the spring due to warm, unstable air as the season changes and temperatures start to rise. Appearing as small balls of freezing rain, a hailstorm can take you by surprise when the weather is warmer.

Although we can repair your hail dents, there are many ways to prepare your car for hail storms before they happen.

1. Park under shelter

If you have access to a parking garage, carport, garage, or other shelter, be sure to park your car under shelter long before the hail storm is supposed to begin.

Although parking in a parking garage or carport may not completely shelter your car from damage, you can still avoid the full force of the hail storm.

Consider parking your car under shelter during the spring even if there isn't a hail storm forecasted. Thunderstorms and bad weather are more likely to pop up from March through May, sometimes unexpectedly or on short notice.

2. Buy a car cover

Purchase a car cover or thick car blanket to protect your vehicle when you’re not driving it. You'll be prepared for a hail storm before it happens, even if it’s not in the forecast.

As a side benefit, covering your car when it’s not in use will also protect it from sun damage, pollen, and more.

3. Get comprehensive and rental insurance

Having comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle is vital in the event of a hail storm. Most insurance companies will cover the bill for dent repair, including Dent Pro Upstate’s paintless dent repair services.

Research and find a car insurance company that’s right for your vehicle and budget.

What to do if your car is damaged by hail

If your vehicle is damaged during a hail storm, follow these steps:

  1. File a claim through your insurance company.

  2. Call or text Dent Pro Upstate at 864-420-4027 to discuss your car dents.

  3. Make an appointment for your repair and drop it off at 20A Cessna Court, Greenville, SC 29607.

  4. Enjoy a dent-free vehicle.


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